The cloud source control system that does not inject files or data in your pristine source.

Instant check-ins - it does not run forever over when you just made a couple changes that the team is waiting for.

Scales to handle small and large projects. The biggest source file project is over 45,000 files and 2 million LOC

Full file history when clicking to compare so you can revert back to any file or just part of it.

Anyone can create a project and share it, yet it is private for just those people.

Easily code in left field for a while, start another project for yourself to track just your changes until you're ready to merge.

Single clicks to upload and download new files, changes or deletions. Do all in a batch with a single button click.

Quickly identify merges or just files you need to download from another team member.

Select a project wide filter to remove non-essential file types or directories such as bin/Release, lib and .pdb's from version control.

Have unique config files to manage on a project for yourself even though its shared? Point to the same source base, set the filter to ignore everything but your config files for your testing.

Does not force you to use the command line. In fact, there is no command line.

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